Kuando Busylight UC Alpha

The Busylight Alpha is a do not disturb light that visually signals your online status. This helps to reduce unwanted interruptions. The Busylight also serves as a phone ringer light and speaker - eliminating the risk of missing a call. It connects via a USB cable and is easy to install. It automatically synchronizes with your UC platform Skype 4 B, Lync, Cisco Jabber and more.

Kuando Busylight UC Alpha


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Kuando Busylight is a communication tool that automatically synchronizes with your unified communications platform.
It is a Do not disturb light indicator that automatically signals your status availability on Skype, Lync, Cisco Jabber etc. Apart from being a Skype or Lync status light, it also serves as a phone ring light and speaker - eliminating the risk of missing a call.  

Do not disturb light 

It is estimated that 70% of U.S. offices have some type of open floor plan. With the open workspace comes noise, unnecessary interruptions and difficulty concentrating. Distractions and colleagues interrupting often become a daily experience for many employees which causes inefficiency and frustration. 

Busylight is a busy indicator light that clearly signals your status availability to colleagues. Whether you are busy in-a-call, doing an online presentation or just need some time to concentrate Busylight will help you. If connected to the company’s unified communications platform (Skype, Lync, Cisco Jabber etc.), the do not disturb light will change automatically with your Skype for Business or Lync status.  


Speaker and light flash when phone rings

When companies are moving away from desk phones to a softphone environment, some basic functions are lost – in particular, a reliable ringer. This is because some PCs have no speakers or they are muted and the headset is on the desk – unable to be heard. 

The Kuando Busylight is integrated with the softphones system and rings and flashes on incoming calls/IMs. This way you will be able to clearly hear the call and distinguish it in the open office environment. 


Corporate IT Policy requirement: Ensure that all Softphone-Users hear incoming calls

It is not possible to provide a Standard configuration Softphone-incoming call alert-indication with existing IT hardware set up that works by default due to diversity of IT equipment/PCs, audio settings, and locations.

  • Kuando Busylight UC WORKS BY DEFAULT on every machine and anywhere in the organization
  • Operates independently - not requiring IT support services or audio setting changes
  • Supports all PC/Laptop/Thin client despite any audio setting/muted sounds/future upgrades of hardware and software
  • Mass deployment .msi – Group policy settings


Boosts user adoption of softphones

  • User's willingness and ability to adopt SkypefB/Lync and Jabber is a major factor affecting the benefits of softphones.
  • Busylight makes users feel comfortable with SkypefB/Lync and Jabber's features and eases the transition from PBX to softphones.

The Skype for Business/Lync and Jabber business case is improved by a faster adoption and a reduced playback period.



Features & specifications

The Kuando Busylight UC Alpha

  • Built in speaker
  • 8 different ringtones. These include traditional telephone ringtones as well as melodies tailored for the office. 
  • Speaker and ringtones are built into the device to avoid conflicts with the PC’s audio settings.
  • Powered via USB data cable (3 meters long). No need for external power supply.


  • Roughly 4.5 x 0.5 inches – 10,5 x 1,6 cm.

Flexible mounting & design

  • Flexible, 180° rotating mounting system attaches conveniently on different surfaces. Incl. click on/off magnetic solution for laptop (bring it with you).

Plug and Play Ringer/indicator for softphones

  • Rings & flashes on incoming calls/IMs
  • Missed calls indicator

Multi colored lights

  • Lights up your availability
  • Multicolor LED light 
  • Supports the colors of Microsoft Lync/SfB and Cisco Jabber along with extra function-specific colors.
  • The small light cap is visible from a long distance – discreet and polite.

Easy control & handling from IT

  • Easy download and installation of software
  • Easy mass deployment through Group Policy .msi file for installation.
  • Fixed settings possible to ensure uniform status indication
  • Software is Qualified for Lync by Microsoft.
  • SDK; Develop your own software solutions for Busylight


General System Requirements – Busylight UC Software

The Busylight software comes in two editions, one for Microsoft Lync/Skype for Business and one for Cisco Jabber.
Please ensure you get the release that matches your software.

  • Disk usage: 20Mb
  • RAM: 256Mb

Compatible softphone clients:

  • Microsft Lync 2010, 2013
  • Skype for Business 2015, 2016
  • Cisco Jabber 11 or higher

Operating System:

  • Windows XP SP3 to Windows 10
  • 32 and 64-bit systems
  • Dependent .Net framework:

Microsoft Lync/SfB requires: Microsoft .Net 3.5
Cisco Jabber requires: Microsoft .Net 4.5.2 Client Profile

We have developed compatible software for: 

  • Microsoft Lync & Skype for Business
  • Cisco Jabber

3rd party partners have made busylight compatible with:

  • Anywhere365
  • Bridge Communications
  • Click2Dial
  • DIALit
  • Dixa
  • Five9
  • Go Connect
  • Go Integrator
  • JoHeR VOP
  • peterConnects
  • ProCall Enterprise
  • RingCentral
  • Starface
  • Swyx Softphone 
  • Tanss
  • ucplus
  • Ucware
  • Unexus Connect
  • Wildix
  • xCALLY
  • Xchange
  • XPhone Connect
  • Xphone Unified Communications