The KuandoBOX connects the desk phone and computer to update the status in Skype for business /Lync to “Busy” when talking on the desk phone/when on a PBX call.

Simply connect the KuandoBOX to the phone and computer, download and install the software and you are good to go.

The KuandoBOX supports corded and wireless headsets and desk phones. It does not support Bluetooth headsets and mobile phones.



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How it works

The KuandoBOX is a simple box solution that connects the phone and computer to update the users “presence status” on Skype for Business & Lync when they are talking on the phone.

The KuandoBOX supports all corded and wireless headsets and desk phones.
The KuandoBOX does not support Bluetooth headsets and mobile phones.


Without this integration between PBX desk phones and Skype for Business/Lync colleagues can't see when you are in a call. This could cause unintended and unwanted interuptions. 

The "Presence status" concept is a powerful, fast growing collaboration tool being adopted by thousands of companies moving to unified communications – and when used correctly it yields big benefits. If presence is 100% reliable - people will use it. If not, they won't!


System requirements

  • Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 or Windows 10
  • Microsoft Lync 2010/2013 or Skype for Business
  • .NET 3.5 framework.

Not compatible with Mac

Works with many corded and wireless headsets; does not work with Bluetooth headsets

Customer endorsements

I like the ease of the software install, I had it setup and working in less than 2 minutes; and the way the Kuando Box integrates my Cisco phone “presence” into my Skype for Business client presence. This way coworkers can see when I am in a call either on my desk phone or soft phone!
Steve, Allianz GI

The concept and implementation of Busylight and Kuando Box are excellent. These products have really changed the culture in the office. No longer are people interrupting me just to find out that I’m on the phone or in an online meeting. The Busylight and Kuando Box combo are essential for any busy office environment. For my coworkers that may not want a light, I have suggested that they at least use the Kuando Box to update their Skype status when they are on the phone.
James, Pierce Country 

This is a really nice product which helps people to know whether you are approachable saving a lot of effort. Love this product.
Nikhil Naiksatam

Love the light and purpose of this product. Can't wait to see more development with the software and hardware.
Ted Khuu, TechMD

I like it very much; I know the status of my colleagues before contacting them by just looking to their status color.
Yasser, University of Pittsburgh 


Easy to install and easy to use

Install the KuandoBOX